Monday, November 16, 2009

Swan Love.


So, I recently decided to move forward with the idea of swans at the wedding*. I realized that even better would be a Swan Paddleboat, obviously. Even though I am totally, sadly aware that the irony would be lost and the price tag is far too high, I figured I would keep looking for a deal. No luck yet. Instead, I found this story about a black swan in Germany who fell in love with a paddleboat. No joke. Petra would circle the boat, stare into it's plastic eyes and hoot at anyone who got close to it.

They tried to separate the two, and even tried to find Petra a real live swan partner, but Petra had no interest. Story goes, as winter came the bird refused to leave the frozen pond and was starting to starve. A zookeeper adopted the bird and the paddleboat and they both now live in an elephant pin in the local zoo, together and happy.

*For all you animal lovers, the swans would be welcome to live there forever and would be very happy there. There have been swans in this pond in the past, now there is only a lonely pea hen who likes to wander through the house if you leave the door open...

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  1. did anything come of this?!! do you still want to do any swanny stuff?