Friday, April 23, 2010

Back Up Plan.

The family keeps trying to convince me to rent a tent as a rainy day plan. I will only do so if it can look like this...

(found at The Nomadic Sun)


  1. right?

    luckily the place we rented from let you "reserve" a tent, then you "canceled" it no less than 48 hours or so before the actual rental day. close enough so that the weather should be pretty reliable.

    i would have been DEVISTATED. what is the point in getting married in the middle of the desert in a big white tent?

  2. Exactly, right?

    Setting up a tent when you want to be outside really seems to undermine the whole idea of an outdoor wedding.

  3. SWOON. That shiz is INSANE. If Mrs. Havisham had a tent, this would be hers.