Friday, July 23, 2010

Cool thing I remember about the wedding #1:

Having a day-of wedding coordinator would have been great. The candles would have been lit in the lanterns (which would have been nice considering the time and $ that took!), dessert announced and toasts a bit more organized, but I am so glad that I got to be a part of setting up that day.

I don't wear make-up and cut my own hair, so the idea of sitting in a chair all day having all that done for hours made me want to eat tacks. Instead of that, I spent the day setting up chairs, moving (super heavy) wood tables and then swimming in the pool as a quick reward for all that work.

Don't get me wrong, everything did not go perfectly -- I didn't get our vows typed out until 1 p.m., and my hair looked a little like a helmet because I ended up with 5 minutes to do it -- but I actually got to spend quality time with some of my favorite people. My little brother hung the swing with his McGyver knot-tying skills; my dad, my sister's boyfriend and my mom's boyfriend moved tables and chairs; and the Husband and his brother helped our friends set up the music.**

All the while, the Amazing Choos were flitting around finishing the flowers and my darling, pint-sized BFF lugged cushions as big as she around the property.

By the time I got around to showering, our guests were already arriving and sweet-talking the caterers into opening the wine before the ceremony (somehow I knew our families wouldn't be able to wait!).

Of course, it helps when you are getting married at your grandmother's home, so the distance between the tables and your room is only a few feet.

**I did allow them many breaks to watch the World Cup, because it is the World Cup after all, and I'm not that mean.

(first photo by the Choos, second two by my grandma...)

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