Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm not here anymore...

Hi All,

I am afraid that this blog has lost it's direction now that the wedding is over. I may visit every once in a while, but I will be posting more frequently here.

...Oh yeah, did I ever tell you what that secret project I was working on was? I didn't? So sorry!

I opened a shop! It's called Magpie and Rye and it's a part of the Prairie Collective in San Francisco. Three close friends and I decided that instead of opening or own separate shops it would be so much more fun to open one space with all of our shops in it! Now we can hang out and be creative together...And one of those businesses just happens to be the uber-talented girls of Studio Choo, so the shop smells amazing and there are fresh flowers every day.

Please consider this an open invitation to stop by sometime and say hello, if you are ever in the neighborhood...

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