Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ladies Alpine Club.

In 1907, Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed became the first president of the Ladies Alpine Club. She wrote seven books on mountain climbing and over her lifetime climbed twenty peaks that no one had climbed before. Can you imagine what winter exploration was like in 1907? And in a bonnet and dress?!

(found at Tomboy Style.)


  1. I can only imagine! Probably not something I'd like to do, but definitely loving these photos.
    Glad I stumbled on your blog
    x kat

  2. this is incredible! thanks for sharing. I love climbing mountains, and when we were climbing in the Himalayas last year i kept saying, "can you imagine doing this 100 years ago??"

  3. This is AMAZING. A friend passed this on to me because I am a lady climber too. The photos are gorgeous and almost eerie. I love seeing her in a skirt and petticoat. Make you realize that all you need is heart. The moisture wicking clothing is jut an added bonus. Thank you for sharing this.