Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Real Wedding.

Why is it that our culture has created such lame ceremonial wedding rituals?

Vows are a beautiful thing, but I'm not talking about the vows. People who have weddings for the vows alone don't have weddings, they elope.

People have weddings to share their love with their family and friends, introduce new family members and celebrate with the people they love. Yet within this celebration we have created some of the stupidest rituals in the world.

I'm talking about shoving cake in each other's face, announcing the the wedding party as if they are members of a college football team and stuff like that. Why can we not find meaningful ceremonial acts to pass down to the next generations?

Perfect example: Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day in 1840 and now there is this stupid stigma that if you don't wear white you are tainted -- even though the only reason we started wearing white is because everyone wanted to be like the queen. And speaking of tainted, she married her COUSIN! And we are not even British anymore and we weren't in 1840 either.

(Image from Alex Aguirre via Veiled Vows)

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  1. oh yes, so true. thats why i started the world wedding tradition topic on my blog...